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    UPDATE Beta 1.0

    Yes! We're finally out of alpha :D
    But wait... what's a beta?

    Beta means, at least in this case, that 99% of the core functionality is there,
    but not everything's been rigorously tested for performance issues and bugs.
    Enough talk, here's what I've done;
    • Undo(ctrl+z) and Redo(ctrl+shift+z)
    • Insert is back!
    • Color swapping and alternating
    • Usability additions
    • Stability increases
    • Known bugs have been stepped on

    In depth:
    Yes, it's been a long road to get here, I don't want to say I was putting it off, but...
    That's exactly what happened (It was quite trivial actually)
    Undo and Redo are stroke based. This means that it takes a snap-shot of when the left mouse button goes down and when it comes back up.
    More of a photoshop approach, compared to NSE [classic]
    Oh, and undo/redo works seamlessly with any plugin that uses the editor control, both new and old. Which exactly contradicts what I had predicted would happen.

    Part of the file menu- Insert/Inject the sprite or palette into the ROM at some offset, or use the built in free-space finder.
    (Normal or Compressed)

    Color Swapping and Alternating:
    It happens all the time. You make an awesome Pokemon sprite and your like "hey, this is awesome!"
    But when you index it the, palette goes all out of whack. (Usually resulting in a color being incorrectly transparent)
    In NSE, you can now either swap colors (while preserving your sprites look) or alternate colors.
    It's quite simple actually, but you have to remember how!
    To alternate colors in the palette editor:
    1. Select the first color
    2. Hold down the ALT key
    3. Click the second color

    To swap colors in the palette editor:
    1. Select the first color
    2. Hold down the CTRL key
    3. Click the second color
    This is AWESOME

    Usability Additions:
    Ok now for some things to make your life a little easier.
    The brush and pencil controls now use dynamic cursors. (again... similar to Photoshop)

    You can drag around bookmarks and folders to reorganize them.

    Undo/Redo and the dynamic cursors work with any and all editor controls.

    I include a newer version of the default Pokemon Bookmarks (added some ruby and a few Emerald)

    Stability Increases:
    Yes, even NSE loses its balance sometimes, but now; not as much
    (a.k.a: things work better!)

    Bugs that have met my foot:
    Issues have been fixed regarding:
    • Imports
    • Saving
    • Compatibility
    • Spelling
    • Bad injections

    You will note that there are still some things missing in NSE, namely the Hex-Editor(low priority) and BookMark Scripting(higher priority).
    The current lack of these features will not severely impact of NSE.
    oh.. and "New Sprite" still doesn't do anything

    There are some other thing that should be mentioned:
    • NSE will now work with windows "open with" function on GBA roms
    • The pokemon Plugin now has an "export all" button



    I will hopefully be working on MANY plug-ins in the not so distant future...
    I am starting to gather the offsets of MANY of the sprites within the pokemon GBA series roms, and bookmarking them.
    If you have any offsets saved on your end, please feel free to share
    just post them here... and you will receive a thank you and maybe even something else .


    EDIT: Just noticed start page still says "Alpha 3.0", whoops... lol