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    Man, thanx!!!


    So, dude, can we also use hacked OTHER ones?

    Originally Posted by Oxnite View Post
    A problem occurs when I try to edit the title screen..

    So during step 7, I first export the image, make a very small edit and then I import the image again -- which means the new image has the same dimensions as the original sprite. (I both tried importing it as .BMP and .PNG but that shouldn't make any difference, right?)

    However, when I double click on the image, it still disappears, even though it has (I guess) correct dimensions. The following sentence shows up: ''By the alignment will be 256X144-bit maps, cut into blocks of bricks:256X144.''

    EDIT: Still no reaction.. Too bad.
    However, I tried to export the image and then immediately import it again (without any changes), and it still says that the image should have other dimensions!
    How weird is that?!

    Thanks for helping.

    That means you are missing a file, a .dll file, or your computer is too weak .

    You're welcome.

    Also, Oxnite, get some .dll files at Here you go.
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