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Humanum Familiares
Rated PG16 for Romance and Violence as well as mild language on occasion

The ancient texts quote the name of familiar as a living being, usually a magical creature, who is to be a mages life-long servant, however it also quotes familiars as having the power to unlock the true feelings of the mages who gain the title of their master. A true familiar is more friend then servant.

quoted from a history of magic, by prof. P. Awenston

You wake up with a smile on your face as you momentarily forget what today is, upon realising such you turn around and bury your head in your pillow, this is your second year at school at the Tristein Academy and today is the day you summon your familiar.

Your not the best student in school, you try your hardest but you just can't seem to get the hang of it, most of your classmates have mastered at least one of the four elements... you however have not and can barely cast a spell without blowing your classroom to bits. You know that if you mess up today it's permanent, you can't reverse what happens and if you summon something pathetic as your familiar that is what your stuck with... forever.

You see your small group of friends as you head down the spiral staircase, the only other kids in school who are as bad at magic as you are... you talk a bit and decide it will be less frightening if you walk down together.

You walk through the halllway and hear some of the more advanced students snickering and mocking you.

You leave the hallway and go outside to the grounds where your teacher waits with the rest of your class. You watch as your classmates summon wonderous creatures, slamanders, imps and even a dragon by one particularly talented boy.
Times up. Its you and your friends turn to summon, you ask to all do it at once and your request is accepted. You raise your wands and begin to chant the spell you have been taught to summon your familiar, whatever it may be.

Large explosions erupt from your wands leaving a large ammount of smoke, once its cleared you suddenly realise that sitting right in front of you and each of your friends a... commoner of the opposite gender! You and you friends have summoned commoners as your familiars..... this is worse than summoning toads. You grimace as everone around begins to lauch at you and the confused commoner looks around in terror, they're wearing strange clothes that don't look like something that even a commoner would wear, you glare at them with anger and desperately beg your teacher to allow you a second chance. He refuses, saying that that would be an insult to the ceremony and insists that you complete a contract with the commoner. You grimace and walk over to the commoner kneeling down and leaning over them. They look at you like your crazy and try to escape but you quickly jump in and kiss them completing the contract. You stand up and wipe your lips in disgust as the brand of the familiar is burned into the commoners hand and they scream in pain, eventually passing out. It is done, this commoner is your familiar, your magical servant for life, they would have to do whatever you wanted them to, everything from doing your washing to preparing your bed. Your friends it seems have had the same ammount of luck and in shame you bow your heads and drag your familiars back to your respective rooms.

A bed of hay rests by your bedside, you had prepared this for your familiar so it would have to do for now. You dump the body in the straw and wait for your new familiar to awaken. This was so strange this had never happened before. Were you so bad a mage that this... commoner showed up instead of the valiant creature you were expecting? You sigh, it had happened now and it was final, this thing was your familiar.

You wake up one morning and decide to go for a stroll, nothing out of the ordinary just a small walk, little did you know you weren't comming back... You say hello to the people who live in your neighbourhood on the way. There nice enough folk, never really been bad to you. You pass the school, *thank god its the weekend.* you think, you proceed on your way into the marketplace of your respective town or village and go to buy some groceries.
As you leave the market you see a large green oval shape before you. It pulses a wonderful pale green light over your surroundings, but the strange thing is nobody else seems to be able to see it.
You decide to investigate further but as soon as you take one step closer to the oval an invisible hand begins to drag you forward, you drop your groceries and cry for help but it's like no one knows your there.
You get closer and closer to the light and eventually you start going into it, you reach your hand out and let loose one final cry of dismay as your dragged through.
Suddenly you find yourself floating above a large cloud of smoke, you fall inside and land sitting down as the smoke clears.
You find yourself sitting in front of a person of the opposite gender whos pointing a wooden stick at you...
Suddenly the person glares at you and everyone around begins to laugh, you notice a few others in the same situation as you. You look around... you have no idea where you are. Suddenly after discussing something with an elderly man the person comes over and kneels in front of you, they suddenly lean forward and begin to move in for ...... a kiss? You panic and are about to pull away when the person gets you square on the lips you should have pushed them off you immediately but something takes control of you and you just take the kiss like nothing happened.
You suddenly feel a burning sensation in your hand, it starts off with just a sting but soon you find yourself screaming in pain, letters that look like some sort of ancient runes are appearing on your hand and by the time you finish you pass out to the sounds of mocking laughter.
You awaken to find yourself on a pile of straw, your hand still stings slighlty and you look around your surroundings, you see a bed to your left, a window on the far wall, a dresser and a chair beside said dresser which had the sleeping romantic assaulter from before sitting upon it.
You look to your left and see what you were looking for, a door. You attempt to open it but... drats its locked you hear shuffling behind you and turn around to see the person on the chair glaring at you with a mix of disapointment and anger.

A single man watches from the shadows, he sees the human familiars and smirks with delight, it would soon be the time for his plans to begin but... his interest was peaking, he wanted to see these mages struggle with their new familiars. Then he would begin his true plans, and the void clock would be set in motion.


You: You are either a mocked mage who summoned a non-magic commoner as your familiar or a hapless human from Earth who was sucked into a world where you don't belong and are then forced to be a magicians protector and slave, a familiar.


1: If you like you may join the RP with a partner as Mage and Familiar, however a word of advice, familiars are always the opposite gender of their masters.

2: If you come alone then you will be randomly matched with a partner.

3: Bunnying/ Godmodding is not aloud.

4: If your partner is not online for a certain ammount of time you may PM me and I will tell you the various options you have at that point.

5. There may or may not be more open slots available as the RP progresses it will all depend on the RPs popularity.

6:No Mary-sues or Gary-stues or wahtever they're called these days, in other words no perfect characters.

7: Mages will start off with very little/no abilities and will be basically humans with a wand. However you may learn new skills and spells as the RP progress'.

8: The five schools of magic are, Air, Earth, Fire, water and void. Players will be able to learn any of the first four through the progression of the RP, but not all at once and ue to its overpowered nature void cannot be learned, further detail below.

9: The main focus of this RP is the relationship and developement of Mage and Familiar. So go nuts, hate each other, love each other, romance, anger, your choice. Mages may be cruel and harsh towards their familiar or nice and sweet and everything in between. Familiars can either obey their masters with out question or flat out refuse to do what they're told and again everything in between so just mmake it up as you go along.

10: If a partner of the opposite gender cannot be found you may if you wish make your partner an NPC or simply wait for someone else to join.

11: Being as active as possible is very important in this kind of RP.

12:Whereas Mages have to learn their powers as they go, Familiars will automatically learn abilities as they are made familars how you discover you have thes abilities is up to you, further detail below.

13: Mages know what Earth is but regard it as an alternate reality or a fairytale world.

14: Familiars are still people and still have free will, they're just magically bonded to their masters. So they don't HAVE to follow their masters orders however this is not always ideal as.....

15: Should a familiar disobey orders mages are aloud to use whatever means neccesary to punish them. This can range from kicking them out of your room, to depriving them of a room, to downright attacking them with a whip or a sword or their magic, or anything they can think of. So if Familiars still want to disobey be my guest...

16: When a Familiar wants something, eg. a new weapon, then they must have their master buy t for them. How this is done is up to you. Note: At the beginning of the RP Familiars will recieve a basic weapon that will be given near the beginning of the RP.

17: Have Fun!


Character Abilities:
A mages magic:
Fire: The ability to control and create fire.
Wind: The ability to control and intensify wind.
Earth: The ability to manipulate solid Earth aswell as various metals and ores.
Water: The ability to manipulate and freeze water.
Void: Cannot be used by players, extreme power to engulf and destroy enemies in a blast of white light, very difficult and weakening to the user.

A Familiars skills:
Volo: Dramatically increased running speed and reflexes.
Robur: Enhanced strength in dire situations.
Nocte Radiis: enhanced agility and stength during the night
Perceptio: The ability to see an opponents weakness when engaged in combat.
Psychicae Nectunt: Allows you to sense when your master is in trouble and grants enhanced combat abilitys when fighting with them.
Remedium: Has the ability to heal themselves and others to a certain extent.

~ Paired with Fire Heart ~

Yes I really am so awkward I got the least likely answer on this test. A teddy bear pokemon I guess on the plus side... I'm cuter than everyone else *smugface*
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