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Shortly we'll be offering 4 mobile apps for PC.. 1 each FREE, ad supported apps for iPhone/pad and 1 for Android devices.

A bit later, we'll offer a ad-free paid version ($3.99 USD or equiv) of both iPhone and Android.

Right now we have avail the first release of the Android App for you to try out

Get it here:

then rate it (5 stars), give a nice good review and then comment here about your usage and any issues you come across.

PLEASE, only post any issues here and not on the android site, so we can work the bugs, if any, out.


For the iPhone we now have available a paid, ad-free version, PokeCommPro:

and a free, ad-supported version, PokeCommLite:

Our paid Android version, PokeCommPro, is now available on the Amazon Appstore for Android:

Go check em out and let us know. Feel free to rate and review the app, but again don't post any bugs on iTunes sore page, post them here in this thread.
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