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    Originally Posted by Vectron View Post
    Number of Pokemon:3
    Restrictions: Only Canines.
    Heres yours!




    EDIT: Heres my first update from my challenge so far! (Reaches first Gym)


    Hopefully I'm doing this right (I've never done challenges before) lmao xD

    My Team is meant to be: Golem, Pelliper, Pinsir, Wobbufett, Lunatone and Starmie!

    Anyways here it is!

    Starting off...

    Choosing one of my favourite starters, too bad I'm not going to hold on to it for long...

    After defeating May and obtaining some Pokeballs, I try to find a Wingull. :3

    After finding one, I eventually catch it with my last Pokeball out of five! =S

    Seems okay... The nature could be better, I'm not bothered to find another one lol

    Getting rid of poor Mudkip :'(

    Oh what!?

    Okay, sit in the box then lmao...

    Off we go!

    Wingulls first battle, which he owned

    Another Victory! Damn right I'm tough >=)

    After that, I searched for slave Pokemon.

    Suprised? lol

    This seems fair...

    This battle got under my skin lol I ran out of water gun and it was the only attacking move I had left!


    After doing some training I went after my first badge!

    As you can see it was pretty close

    Thats about it!
    My second Update will reach Brawly.


    Wingull ♂ Lv.17
    Keen Eye
    Water Gun/Growl/Supersonic/Wing Attack

    Untill next time!