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Name: Tobias "Toby" Tanic

Age: 16

History: Many people were surprised that Tobias came to summon a familiar. Despite being a second-year, his lack of skill and poor social ability meant few even nticed him. He spent most of his time practising magic, studying technique, or cleaning up a mess he had created. He uses the Wind element, but lacks the finesse or control usually associated with the element, and has yet to succesfully utilise it. He has managed to make a few "friends", mostly second years with a simlar amount of skill (which is to say, little to none). After the fiasco at the Summoning Ceremony, he doubts things will ever improve.

Before Tristein, he had a quiet, peaceful life. He had a brother, a year older than him, who kept an eye on him and helped him prepare for life. His parents watched him grow, taking a back seat and letting him learn for himself. He didn't have many friends, but was liked well enough by his peers. After his brother began training to be a soldier, Tobias joined Tristein hoping to become a great mage.

Personality: Tobias is focused, with a strong will, but lacks finesse. Despite being stubborn, the fact that he never gives up is one of his better qualities. He is a bit slow and literal minded, and has almost no srnse of humor. He tries to be nice to people, but isn't interested in them and doesn't spend much time talking. Toby gets annoyed quickly, and has little patience for bullies. He tries to avoid confrontation, but arguments usually end with violence. While he doesn't have many friends, he is actually quite protective of anything he cares about.

While he was initially annoyed that he had summoned a commoner, in a rare flash of insight he realized that now he has someone to talk to, someone to work his problems out with. He has decided to make the best of the situation, and hopes the girl isn't too difficult to deal with.

Appearance: Toby is of average height, but rather thin. He is pale-skinned, and doesn't get much sun even when he goes outside, due to his concealing clothing. He has black hair, which keeps cut short, and green eyes. His clothing is chosen more for function rather than looks, and he doesn't care. He wears some comfortable black slacks, held in place with a brown leather belt, and soft black shoes. He wears plain, monocolor shirts, usually grey or red, and an olive-green Western shirt.

Magic school: Wind

Amount of time spent RPing: Medium-High (I've done quite a bit of RPing, but have limited time when I can get online.)

Partner: Random
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