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    Maka Key

    Age: 15

    Apperance: Maka is a very small gal; her limbs close to bones, though still strong and active, all of their shape coming from some muscle rather than fat. Her hair is pure blonde, cut down to the shoulders with small curves(parted to the side). With her blonde hair is also very light toned skin, including large blue eyes. She has many scars on her body from either fights or accidental cuts, all of which are either located on her knees or arms. For clothing, Maka wears many vibrant t-shirts with either shorts or jeans. Her favorite accessory is a chunky chain necklace, symbolizing something important to her. She never takes it off. The same chains are found on her wrists, said to be made of silver.

    History: Growing up in a cozy environment, she was the first born in a family of 5; her parents, and her other 2 younger sisters. Being the oldest, she was normally more responsible than the other two, naturally becoming a "good example" for her siblings. However, Maka's life twisted as she reached first grade, as she was unable to relate to any of the students. The few friends Maka made were vulgar, bullying soon natural to the little girl. It also became so in her household, her sister's violence increasing with no way to counter it. Turning away from her family and 'friends', she stored away her feelings from others, too nervous to approach or socialize with anyone. Anyone who tried to talk to her end up finding her shy, something Maka wanted to change but couldn't.

    As she grew, she advanced in school by herself, earning the respect of many students while parting from whoever did her wrong. This got her far, the girl becoming emotionally strong while hiding her vengeful feelings from the public. Although quiet, the friendly attitude she gave off assisted her heavily during class, as anyone who picked on her was shunned by other classmates. This worked well for her. However, even still Maka never made friends with anyone, causing her to believe now that bonds aren’t useful. She was on a walk when she got sucked into the new world, odd since she rarely ever bothered to go outside...

    Personality: Maka has always been overly imaginative, her expanded creativity inspiring many. Having an overall kind nature, she is less than a threat in anyone's eyes, normally acting as a perfect angel. Quiet and normally caring, she is very mature, also very protective. With her friendship can come everlasting trust, a trust that should never be broken. She is not picky about where her friendship goes, normally lending some of it to anyone who shows kindness to her, though she doesn’t often find friends useful and will normally use any friends she makes for her own selfish needs. You will find that Maka opens up to her friends more after she's bonded with them. Jokes will soon become common with teasing, even if she means no harm in any of the fun.

    However, Maka can be unpredictable, flipping her personality at will to a more negative side. With this flip, she can be rather nasty, including cruel to anyone she wishes actual harm. Though she rarely flips, she commonly does it when her temper sets off, or when she is irritated or upset about one thing or another. Most of the time, it is unleashed when the girl finds herself or her friends/family subjected to violence, alternative being forced to do something she doesn’t like as she is also stubborn and lazy. Her overall personality towards someone can alter depending on who she talks to, though Maka acts normal if given no reason to change. Same works for her moods, which can range greatly. Her actions all depend on you.

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