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Pokemon should only get levels from fights they take a significant part in. I'll be redoing the way pokemon gain levels shortly, mainly to make it a bit fairer.

Here's the new leveling system as I saw it. I won't be actually putting anything in until I'm finished cleaning up the intro post. (I would feel horribly guilty leaving those hotlinks to Bulbagarden there. They have enough traffic problems.) I've already changed the links to the settings and battlefields pictures though. Just the wild pokemon left, which'll be a doozy. I'll probably get that done today though.

Anyway, leveling system.

Basically? I'm thinking of limiting how high level a pokemon can be and still earn levels from wild pokemon. I'm also thinking of possibly making it so that people gain an extra level for losing than for winning. (Because they pushed themselves harder, right?) I'm also thinking making teachers, the three champions working at the school, and Gary Oak possible to battle, and they'll give more EXP than your average trainer (I was thinking +2 for teachers, +3 for the champions, and +4 for Gary)

The only restriction would be that if one is fighting a Champion or Gary, they don't get the option of controlling their opponent. I'll probably be willing to control them, or I might give someone else the clear to do so.

I WAS ALSO thinking about perhaps allowing people to request boss battles with various canon characters that aren't part of the staff. (See: Running into the PCs from the games, Alder, N, Ash, whatever) These battles would obviously be infrequent. If too many people asked for them at any significant stretch of time I'd have to say wait for a bit.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? I'm still opening to changing any of this.

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