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Originally Posted by deoxys121 View Post
Does anyone else think that it is more difficult for LGBT people to date? And that there are more strains in relationships than in heterosexual relationships generally?

It's definitely more difficult at least for them to ask someone out. It can be very difficult to tell whether a person is straight, gay, or bi. Also, with the actions of some people who are homophobic, it could actually be a danger to the person to ask a straight person out, thinking he or she is gay.
Yeah, you really can't just ask people outright, and a lot of the time, there's really no other way to find out.

Yesterday, I met this really hot guy working at a game store here, but I have no way of knowing if he's gay, and I'm definitely not going to ask. If he's not, he'd probably kill me, considering what most people are like where I live. *sadface*