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    Originally Posted by TheSmartOne View Post
    After watching some old eps, I'm even more sure the Raimon City plan has something to do with gathering energy. For what? Well, I have no clue. But they were capturing Dangoro to power something back in BW037 on orders from Seger, weren't they? And stealing Dream Energy in BW039... To me it looks like this has been setting up for a while. And they haven't been failing just because they're the TRio- they've been failing so we get some drama in Raimon.
    That makes much sense. After all, we shouldn't combine real life events with the show too much. Their device did referred to a bomb to me, but it's a kid anime after all...

    [Edit] So it seems that little device was used to change the subway tracks. I'm relieved! The next episode preview looks weird though. It seems as if some random dude had captured Meowth. Hopefully, he has another one, even if this species is supposed to be rare in Unova. Actually, I think I fell for it and it's just another failed-Meowth-capture joke.

    Does anyone have a new subject? I don't know what to ask anymore!