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A little under a year ago, four strange looking witches appeared at the Great Tree of Yggdra and proclaimed that they would personally burn it down. It was their mother's wish and they could never disappoint their mother. Since then, they've appeared randomly; sometimes alone and sometimes together; and performed small acts of terrorism around around Kulema. Since their appearance, small tidbits of information of popped up about them:

Despite their almost cartoon-ish appearances, they do seem to be related. Each specializes in different kinds of magic however. They each carry around a different kind of sword but have never been seen using it in any matter other than performing magic.

Gemina - Also known as the "Grey Witch" and apparently the de facto leader when "Mother" isn't around. She wears a long hooded cloak that she uses to conceal her beautiful face most of the time. Demonic in appearance and behavior. She can turn her body into an invulnerable steel-like material. Her Pokemon are defensive in nature.

Virgil - The only male of the group who calls himself the "Green Witch." Incredibly vain by nature, he uses his beauty and charm (and control over powerful spores) to get others to do his bidding. He proclaims the be the best swordsman in all the land but incapable of dueling due to a powerful magic sealed within his body.

Leone - Easily the strongest physically of the four and otherwise known as the "Brown Witch." She is often confused as a male. She is incredibly protective of Scorpia and would do anything for her. She is rumored to have picked up an airplane on her own and tossed it ten feet in a fit of rage. She often clashes with Virgil on courses of action.

Scorpia - The youngest of the witches who calls herself the "Blue Witch." Despite her nearly cherubic appearance, she is the most sadistic and potentially powerful of the four witches. It's been reported that she created the massive whirlpools that has locked Kulema in water-wise from the rest of the world. When angered, she begins to twist the knife in the back of her Cubchoo doll. This usually leads to a big boom in the nearby vicinity.
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