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I have no real interest in trying out the DS games. (Hearts... was one of the DS titles, right? XD) I tried Innocence as soon as Absolute Zero was done with their translation patch and I did enjoy it somewhat up until... a certain near-impossible boss fight and I just didn't like the characters or the story enough to grind long enough to get past there. :/ And since that was in English and I didn't get through it, I just kind of ignore the other ones. /bad tales fan

Apparently Tales of Xillia got a 39/40 from Famitsu! Not that... it... means anything at all to me since iirc Nintendogs got 40/40 and it was absolutely horrible. (And so did FF13, I think? And it was mediocre at best...) But still! I look forward to hearing about it from people who've played it. If it's good and it never gets localized, I'll probably import eventually.