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Here are the updated heroes for Pokemon Amaranth (do not steal please :3). These were done by Litera-sure over at DA, I'd recommend you guys check him out, he's very talented.

Just for a progress update: college has started once again, so I'm very busy. Trying my best to make do, but school always comes first.

I've been trying to plow through some eventing at the moment, right now I'm working on the first gym, it's a simple concept in term of the puzzle. Being the first gym I wanted to do something simplistic yet appealing aesthetically. You are on a bunch of platforms, in order to get to the next platform you will need to step on a blue switch that will engage the bridge. Of course, in order to get to the switch for each platform a trainer stands in your war :3. I have some screens, but I'd rather wait this weekend and finish the remaining eventing for it. That way, I can get you guys screenshots as well as a video. :3

Just a little update to let you guys know development may be hindered at the moment, but the game is still alive and kicking. =D