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    Name: Joshua David Mist

    Age: 17

    Josh lived the life of a normal child for the beginning of his life, for his first ten years he fit in well with everyone he met and was nice to all the people he had met. He was happy bubbly and curious, he would wonder about so many different things. Why the world was round, why the water was wet, why others didn't also wonder these seemingly meenigless things that he found special. At the age of ten his parents told him why, due to a special splice of his parents genes that weren't matched his mind was different to other children. He had been granted wth a different way of perceiving the world. At first Josh didn't notice, but after awhile it began to sink in, the other kids couldn't grasp something he found so simple. He would be able to figure out maths for children years ahead of him, while his classmates had trouble with the maths they currently had. As Josh grew older, he began to realise that it wasn't just his classmates. Nobody he knew was the same as him, his mind worked on a different axis to those around him. He would think differently about things that others his age wouldn't even aknowledge. He slowly began to grow further apart from his family and friends while his brain began to comprehend its own individuality. He had become very distant from his family and friends by the age of fifteen he had let his auburn hair grow long and and he had developed the strangest way of surprising people with his mind, however despite his distance to others he hadn't become cold and dark in fact he had become just the opposite. He had grown to accept his own mind and the fact that he was different and he didn't care anymore. By the age of sixteen Josh had become an Enigma to many of the people he knew. He eventually fell in love with a young girl called Marine and was ready to devote himself to her. However the day before Josh had been sucked through the portal Manrine had brutally dumped him. His mind struggled to comprehend why, despite everything he knew he couldn't figure her out, he just didn't understand the female mind. He, in a strange trance like state made his way to the local shop for groceries the following morning. The only thing that had snapped him out of it was the portal which he was soon dragged into forcefully.

    Josh often loses his track of though due to his minds strnge structure and his natural curiousity. He has trouble keeping his mind in one place and is often daydreaming. He is quite distant from people, but reversely he is extremely friendly when approached by them. He is very bright and often has solutions to problems that others didn't think about. When his intelegence is mocked he is personally insulted due to his strong sense of pride. He doesn't really take anything seriously but when he does, he really does, going to all lengths to succeed. He doesn't take failure well, often getting angry or depressed when it comes. He is however quite a good winner, always modest when he wins. He hasn't had nyone he has considered close to him in years other than his ex-girlfriend Marine and he would have fought fiercly to defend her. Due to them being one of the only things he doesn't understand girls greatly interest him (in more ways than one I might add). Josh has a very take it as it comes attitude and after the initial shock of comming to this strange new world he finds himself forced to accept it. He doesn't enjoy fulfilling his masters demands but he will begrudgingly accept them. His reaction to becomming a familiar was one of annoyance but eventual acceptance.

    Appearence: Josh has glistening green eyes and long straight auburn hair, his nose is of average size and his mouth has medium sized pink lips with white teeth hidden behind, his ears are hidden by his hair. He wears an untidy wrinkled and often ruffled dress shirt which has the top button open and the rest of them usually uneven and mismatched. He wears a long black trenchcoat over this with four pockets, two on the outside near his waste and one hidden on the inside left. Inside each of the inside pockets he keeps his fathers gun and his own dagger for protection, he has always been questioned as to why but he simply replys that it never hurts to be safe. The coat itself stretches to just below his knees in order for it to still be a trench coat but at the same time not restricting movement speed. He wears black leather gloves on his hands. On his bottoms he wears black denim jeans and a dark grey leather belt that hangs loosely on his hips. He wears black boots with white trimmings on the buckels. His hair is always falling into his left eye and he is constantly troubled with moving and flicking it out. He wears a silver pendant around his neck given to him by his ex-girlfriend Marine. He bears a large scar across his left eye.

    Familiar Ability: Psychicae Nectunt

    Ammount of time spent RPing: High on weekends medium on weekdays.

    Partner: Fire Heart
    ~ Paired with Fire Heart ~

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