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yay, time for an update. My hack now goes up to:
2 Dungeons (A cave, and a Well)
7 Routes
4 Cities
and your Pokemon will be around lv 28 :D

Screen Shots:

After you get off the bridge you get to battle your rival.

After you beat your rival and enter EDINBURGH CITY you can go north to a new route.

This route however is optional to the storyline, but it has the daycare, and trainers to battle against.

Back to the storyline and the EDINBURGH WELL.

Looks like SIR PETER is trying to get the red orb, the orb of destruction.

Stein, one of the smartest rouge scientist helping out Sir Peter. After you beat him sir peter says he is going to blow up the well! Time to hurry up, and get out.
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