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    Welcome to Team LegendaryTrio! I am Niven. I haven't been hacking for too long now, but I have had an idea for a hack for quite some time.The game takes place in the Sarinee region. I'm a big picture kind of guy, so I'm gonna need help not only with hacking but with storyline writing too. The story is gonna be posted below. I'm a scripter and i can do some basic mapping. I hope that this team can make a great hack, not necessarily one of "The Great" hacks like, light platinum and shinygold, but a hack that people will actually want to play. I think that with some help, Pokemon Trio Version (:D for using 3 colors) can be my first ever REAL rom hack. Also, I won't work anyone to death. If I give you an assignment, and you need help with it, don't have time to do it, don't know how to do it, or anything else, just ask me or someone else for help. Remember, we're a TEAM, and there's no I in team.

    The current project is: Pokemon Trio Version
    Base Rom: Fire red
    Percentage done:
    Alpha 1(about 45% done):
    First town [100% mapping/ 99% scripting] route 1 [100% mapping/ 0% scripting] second town [80% mapping/ 1% scripting] route 2 [nothing] Third town/gym [70% mapping/ 0% scripting]
    Open Positions
    badly needed
    really needed
    kinda needed
    Not needed

    Scripters (when finishing an assignment, please send me a list of the flags that you used)
    Tile makers
    Tile insertrs
    Spriters ( OW, Fakemon [ front sprite,back sprite] Trainer,etc)
    Music inserter
    ASM hackers
    Title screen editors (also be good if you can also edit where it says gamefreak and stuff like that)
    Banner makers (if you can do something else too, that'll be great)
    Composers (for music editing)
    Beta Testers
    Co-leader (To help me manage the team, just one)
    World map editor
    other (If you have other hacking skills not mentioned, that you think will be helpful then apply and say what they are)

    Current Members
    Niven- Leader, Scripter, basic mapping, writer
    OminousMix - Writer, Banner maker, Spriter inactive for over a month. Not fired, just wanna let you know that he's inactive
    Haxofreak - Scripter
    M.L. - Mapper
    Baladamy - Mapper FIRED!
    Dude2207 - Beta tester, spriter
    .Mini - Graphic Artist
    UnForgiven* - Scripter
    teejermiester - OW spriter
    EdensElite - TitleScreen editor, Beta tester
    PokemonyellowX - mapper, pokemon spriter

    Application Form
    Job applying for:
    Proof of Work:
    Method of Contact:

    Finally, what you've been waiting for, the story. When You wake up on morning,your Mom greets you with a Happy Birthday(you just turned 10)and a present(running shoes)!When you go outside,You see a strange man Interrogate Prof. Spruce! After listening in on their conversation, you'll go over to help the professor. You end up battling the stranger, using a Pokemon you got from the Professor's briefcase or whatever..After you have beaten the stranger,Prof. Spruce will be amaze by your Battling Style, and tell you to meet him in his lab.He gives you a long talk, your starter (The one used to battle the stranger), and other stuff! Soon afterward, your adventures begins! What legendary Pokemon will you meet? Who is team Sky? Why couldn't the professor just use a pokemon himself? What does the Sarinee region look like?Why am I asking so many questions? Chimchar? Find out the answers, by playing Pokemon Trio Version!!!!!!!

    I have a lot of the story already planned out, but will need help with the details. If anyone has any ideas for the story, fire away! I'm very open-minded to disscussion about it. Also, if any members wants to know what I already have planned out, PM me.

    Why should I join?
    Your probably thinking, "Hmmm.... 7 or pizza. Hmmm...." Well I know that means that you want to know why you should join. Well, I can't get you pizza, but I will try to help with your hack projects. Also, why not join? I mean, think about it. The storyline, in my opinion, sounds great, this is a good opportunity for getting experience, this hack will be a challenge to make, etc. If your still new, then don't hesitate to apply. Anyone willing to try to help is welcome to join. We still need some members, especially world map editors, ASM hackers, tile makers/inserters, and spriters.

    The hack is coming on along just fine. When the first forms for all the starters (front and back sprites) are ready, will whoever has the .ips insert them in the game (sprites and stats) and give the .ips to a scripter(to edit the script where you get your starter so you pick from the new ones instead). Also you can go ahead and give it to a scripter to let them insert them and then edit the script.

    Forgot to mention, I used JPAN's hacked engine on the hack (I figured it could help make this hack great). I soon realized that I don't really know how to do anything with it. I've only figured out the new multichoice boxes (which are used in the script where you get your starter). If anyone can do other stuff with that, say so, cause it could help out with the game.


    Box Arts

    HTML Code:

    Team Chat:
    I just sent the .ips to PokemonyellowX. So, that's who's got it.
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