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O hai derr.

I'm in need of a little help, and I was wondering if the friendly people at the Writers Lounge would be able to grant it to me. I hope this is in the right place, but I'll just go ahead and post it anyways.

I've began yet another fanfic, but I'm having a little trouble with choosing people's Pokemon.
I want to refrain from picking any random one, and focus on the Pokemon having a symbolic relation towards their trainers.

I'm in need of Pokemon (of any evolution stage) that look, feel, or seem Isolated, Intimidating, Intelligent, Naive, Innocent, Loyal, Confident, Ugly, Cocky, Resentful, Co-dependent, Reliable, Diligent, Positive, Demonic and lastly one that seems Mysterious.

...Wow, that seems like a lot. I'm surging through sprites and information on Pokemon regarding these virtues, but I'd love to hear your opinions on which Pokemon are what.

Just a little guideline: I don't want to include legendaries and would prefer Pokemon that can be found in the Heonn region (where I lay my scene). The latter is not necessary.

Thanks in advance, Impo :D

What I have so far:

Shelgon, the Isolated Pokemon. When I first think of isolation I think of someone being confined, and the Pokemon that represent this best are the ones that are in cocoons. I wasn't keen on using the bug types like Metapod and Kakuna, so I vouched for a Shelgon. Relaying on this decision I think it fits its role perfectly.

I have myself a Pokemon confined to an iron-hard shell which symbolizes his trainers effort to shut himself off from people for reasons I'm not revealing. The best thing about choosing this Pokemon is that it allows for a diverse plot development in which its trainer breaks through his shell and gains a personality in which he enjoys socializing and becomes a more better, powerful person. This is when Shelgon will evolve into a Salamence, reinforcing the concept of "breaking out of the shell". That is something that the bug types did not offer, so Shelgon is perfect.

Gardevoir, the Loyal Pokemon. I wanted to use Gardevoir even if it didn't resemble anything (I have a soft spot for them). Luckily, it ties in well with Loyalty. Gardevoir is said to be a Pokemon extremely loyal, and it is well known for being so loyal it will even create a miniature black hole just to keep them from harm. The emphasis is on a character in my fic which cares deeply for his friends and others, despite not always showing it.
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