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    Name: André West (pronounced on-drey)

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Andre has dark brown hair, and his eyes are dark aquablue in color. He has no scars or bruises or whatsoever as he’s always at home, protected. He is slightly tan, and he a little on the thin side due to healthy meals. When it comes to clothing he wears simple green t-shirts and short browning pants as he likes being casual instead of stylish.

    History: Andre is an only child in his family, which is why he doesn’t have much time to socialize with people. Being an only child can be a bad thing, as most parents would spoil their children by giving them everything, but Andre’s parents know what to do. Since he was four, they’ve been awfully strict as they want to train him, to turn him into an independent boy instead of a lazy, dependant child that whimpers and whines about everything. All his requests were denied, and his complains were nothing to his parents. He had to eat healthy meals every day, and he had to sleep at nine, not to mention he had private teachers in every subject (even Physical Education) to ensure he knew enough. A lot of people envy his parents’ wealth, but all these were giving him no freedom at all, as he had to stay home everyday. He had no need to leave the house as the teachers would teach him everything, and he didn’t have to go to school because of that. When he said he wanted to go outside to play, his parents denied him.

    When he was sixteen, he didn’t want to stay in his ‘prison’ anymore, so he grabbed some cash and left his home after leaving a short letter on a coffee table. Finally free from his parent’s grasps, he found himself lost in the outside world, and things that aren’t covered in science, language, biology, chemistry whatsoever, are confusing him, especially in the communication genre. He knows a lot, and he can achieve high grades in exams, but he lacks one thing - communication, and his parents had no idea about it. His parents are still looking for him till this very day, but have failed to find him. The amount of cash he had taken from his parents ain’t little, but who cares? His parents are rich. Finding a cheap but awfully old little apartment, he lives on his own, until the mysterious Vortex appears, sucking him in...

    Personality: Being taught by private teachers in almost every subject allows him to learn a lot about things covered in textbooks, but being trapped at home for like 16 years have made him totally quiet, as he had no need to talk - everything was prepared for him by his parents. Food (which were healthy meals with less meat, more vegetables and fruits everyday.), everyday needs (clothes, books, games) etc are all available without the need to go outside. Thus he isn’t that sociable compared to other people his age, and he doesn’t like to speak too much as he doesn’t want to embarrass himself by saying something he shouldn’t in wrong situations.

    Being at home also means that he doesn’t have many friends, which is why he is rather lonely living with his parents. But now that he’s living on his own, he has more chances to explore the outside world, to learn more about communicating and ‘hanging out’. He is overall friendly, as well, nobody taught him to be bad (and the benefits of being bad).

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