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    Ok... I'll do what I can here, but please keep in mind that everyone has a different interpretation of symbols, so you may or may not agree with mine:

    Demonic: This leaped out at me, because one of my favourites- Houndoom- is very demonic indeed. I mean, it has horns and a face very similiar to your traditional ram's skull, and it's colouration's very evil looking too. In addition, it's burns are said to never heal and always hurt, and it's howls cause fear in other Pokemon, both traits that are often seen as evil, although it can't be found in Hoenn. However, might I also suggest Sableye? I only mention it because, in Colosseum, when taking damage it smiles a very toothy grin, one that I find very demonic indeed.

    Intelligent: Alakazam and it's line must be considered for this role. It's Pokedex entry states it has an IQ of 5000, exceeded only by that of the genetically altered, and legendary, Mewtwo.

    Intimidating: Naturally this had to be a Pokemon with the ability Intimidate. So, at first I thought of Salamence, but as you already have Shelgon, it seems like it would be better to have a separate family to one you already have, so what about Gyarados? I'm biased here because it's just a reasonably epic Pokemon all around.

    Naive: I'm going to go for Torchic, because it's always seemed a bit childlike and playful to me, and in the anime it was very immature and childish, but not actually unkind. It also always seemed to be very vulnerable to the world but not realising it about itself, until it evolved.

    Innocent: Togepi. Need I say more? It's a baby Pokemon, fairly cute, and it toddles around endearingly. It's portrayal in the anime made it seem very innocent and as a Pokemon it's very weak and dependent on good training.
    Again, you can't find it in Hoenn, but it's perfect for the role, I think.

    Confident: Pidgeot. It's an eagle/pigeon thing, and pigeons, though they may not seem it, are amazingly confident creatures. How many other wild animals don't flee from humans upon approach? Eagles are often seen as a symbol of bravery and with confidence so often comes bravery.

    Ugly: Feebas. After all.. It is, isn't it? But to expand on that, it has the capability to become beautiful, so that could be an interesting twist if you were aiming for that particular nugget of story-telling.

    Cocky: Tough one. I'd have to go for a flying Pokemon, since birds often show off to impress each other and pilots, particularly "Yankee" Ones over here in the UK, are often seen as cocky, arrogant, but skillful fliers. So I'd say Staraptor, because it refuses to back down and refuses to work with others- both signs of arrogance in humans.

    Resentful: Yamask, because of the pain it feels from having lost it's human form and the mask that always reminds it of what it once was. Alternatively, I'd also suggest Shedinja, because it was cast-off as a useless old shell, but returned to life, as a potentially unbeatable Pokemon.

    Co-Dependant: I'd have to go with a pack animal here, such as a Lion (Luxray) or wolf (Mightyena) or essentially any other Pokemon who's Pokedex entry involves packs and groups of them living and working together.

    Reliable: This is a hard one, but I'd probably say Steelix/Onix. It's tough and it's hard to faint, so it doesn't let you down in a battle, which is probably the best notion I can come up with for this one.

    Diligent: Pidove, interestingly enough. It's Japanese name comes from a word for diligent, and it's Black Pokedex entry states that it tries it's best to carry it's trainers' orders through, even though it gets confused sometimes. (Yes, I do like pigeons.)

    Positive: Plusle. See what I did there? Anyway, yeah, Plusle always seems to be happy and smiling, and it's always encouraging and cheering on it's teammates. Plus, it's a native of Hoenn. I am trying, you know.

    Mysterious: You have a lot of options here, and it's difficult to single one out. If your character's female, I'd go for Mismagius, because it's clearly based on a witch and they tend to lean towards the mysterious and strange, do they not?

    Anyway, that's my fifty pence. Good luck with your fanfic, I shall drop in on it from time to time.
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