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    Man, the stuff that comes in from about 10 seconds in is GREAT. That music just gives me a really giddy feeling. Beautiful choice. Where did you get it from?

    And what's wrong with the official pokémon music? I plan on using it. Then again, I have a violin and cello player who'll play and record it for me, so all I have to do is select the pieces I'd like.

    Personally, I think the official pokémon music is a bit of a better choice than the Sonic the Hedgehog music. My main reason for linking that site to you though was that it lists the "awesome" music from the Pokémon series and why it's awesome. The sense of adventure or the catchiness. I thought it might give you an idea of what to look for.

    In other news: I still can't get over how cute that character is with his little hat and his tie. SO ADORABLE. (yes, that reaction coming from a guy. No, I'm not gay; just a brony. I have a girlfriend, I assure you)

    EDIT: I really suggest you use that Green Hill music for bike or a legendary/champion/team leader battle. The start of it is spectacular for bike, I think. Hell, it'd even suit surfing music really well.

    EDIT 2: OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE TO USE IT AS SURFING MUSIC. *Revels in it, kinda.*
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