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    In straight relationships, it's generally accepted that the man will propose. In a homosexual relationship, there are either two men or no men at all. Would you rather be the one to propose, or would you prefer to be proposed to?

    My boyfriend is assertive in a good way; although this is a fairly new relationship, if all works out, I know that he will be the one to propose as I would also prefer. It is interesting that in some gay couples there are not clear gender-like roles in the relationship, and in others there are very distinct ones. I would say that we fall somewhere in the middle leaning toward having some gender-like roles.

    Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
    Meh, hopefully I don't have trouble with that. I really wouldn't want anything but a long term relationship.
    That's great; just don't let ANYONE discourage you. I remember quite a few guys that kept trying to coerce me into believing that GLBT relationships are not lasting and that I'd might as well just "have fun". Yeah, I found out that my ex of two years had cheated on me several times and even knocked up a girl! So although that is discouraging, and you may also have similar discouraging relationships as I have seen with MANY other gay men with their own relationships in the past. Too many of us give up, I just wanted to let you know, because there are alot of ***holes out there that try to make you think otherwise. Wow, that was a huge ramble, lol. Sorry about that

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