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    Name: Adria Marie Penrose

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    History: Adria's life up to now has been anything but pleasant. Her mother died in childbirth causing her father to resent her. Her father was a man who was very successful with magic. He made her read various books and do various tasks as she grew up determined to make sure she was like he was with magic beating her when she failed.

    This went on for years until finally Adria couldn't take it anymore. One day when she was 16 and her father was about to beat her Adria did the first thing that came to her mind and hit her father with a blast of water. Surprised, angry, and proud her father immedietly sent her to Tristan Academy not knowing she has yet to actually cast a working spell. The day came the next year for her to summon her familiar and instead of just being disappointed Adria was also afraid of her familiar.

    Personality: Adria is a very shy and insecure person. She only talks to the few other students who are like her in ability but is still very shy around them. Most of her time she spends outside sitting under a tall tree reading fairy tales of Earth completely fascinated with it. She could never harm anyone and after she gets over her fear of her commoner she treats him as her best friend. She treats him fairly and shortly after getting used to him put another bed in her small room for him. She'll only ask him to do something for her if she can do something in return and hurting him is something she'd never do trusting her familiar with all her secrets even telling him about the abuse she had suffered.

    Magic school: Water

    Appearence: Adria stands 4'3 and weighs 85 lbs. Her eyes are a deep green in color and she has medium length Platinum Blonde hair and pale skin. Though most of the time she is in her school uniform when she is not she dresses in a dark pink top with long sleeves that doesn't cover her shoulders. With it she has a light brown belt, a dark brown skirt, and boots the same color as her shirt.

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