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    Urahara and Isshin are always good for comedy.
    Moving on, I swear if they all become Captain class level fighters from this, I can't WAIT for their deaths.

    What I'm talking about is the sharing Ichigo's fulllbringer power plotholepoint.

    Way One: Think of Fullbring Ichigo's powers as 10000 EXp. Ginjou's sword swipe was Exp. all. Granting everyone an equal chunk of power/experience, with Ginjou being slightly ahead.

    This method means that if their powers + a fraction of Ichigo's power, can fight captains on equal footing, then I call bull.

    Way Two: The stat boost way. Fullbring Ichigo is now Ichigo with...a 6 level boosts to all his stats. Ginjou's swipe is a group version of Psych up, granting them all the SAME boost along their own powers.

    This method makes me wis death upon them all in the horrible way possible. >.> Just how many logical things are defied in that method is not funny, just sad and horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE!


    Chad and Orihime are out of the fight, oh joy. >.>

    New Chart!

    [Offense: 100]
    Since I'm manly and awesome, oh wait...serious explanation. I mainly use Haduka (Hand-to-Hand) in combat and thus am a lot stronger than I look.

    [Mobility: 100]
    In conjunction with my Haduka, I use HoHo-(Flash Step) as well to use my agility and speed to make my opponent nearly helpless battle. I can also make flash clones if necessary.

    [Stamina: 100]
    I trained my body to be able to last slug fests as well as to able to use all those moves and techniques in session without my movements become sluggish afterwords. I can fight for DAYS if necessary, but will most likely raid the kitchen after using the bathroom after the fight is over.

    [Defense: 50]
    I can take a damage if necessary but don't make a habit of it, I can don't really have to defend that much, thus this stat is low.

    [Intelligence: 80]
    I run the intelligence corps , thus this stat is average compared to Captains. I mainly focus on psychology and philosophy, so I am capable of breaking down my foe, interrogating them and able to view a situation in many different perspectives.

    [Kido: 60]
    Aside from kido spells and Shunko, I really have no need to use it, so I just average out.

    [Spiritual Power: 70]
    Yeah...focused more on direct combat than stuff using this.

    [Physical Strength: 100]
    Yay for rock crushing punches!

    Total: 660/800