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    I'm so sorry I'm late! DX I was away from the computer for the past couple of days and as such, I could not work on any of my SUs that I reserved on any RP. D= I'm so sorry! x_X If my SU is terrible, I've been sleep deprived. Just to warn you. =P


    Name: Miharu Mizushima

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    History: Miharu was born into an influential family. Her father was a kind man that treated his family and servants with a kind heart. Her mother was very pure and did not allow anyone to be hit in the household. Herself, the daughter, was very polite, but never spoke out of turn; the image of the perfect child.

    Well, that was the image they showed in public. In reality, her father was mentally abusive; calling her worthless and weak, as well as telling her to stifle her emotions so she wouldn't embarrass him and the family name. Her mother was physically abusive; whenever her father didn't pay attention to the mother, or when things were complicated due to Miharu, her mother would strike her harshly.

    Miharu snapped one day, running away from home at the age of twelve; living her life on the streets for three years until she was accepted into Tristein Academy at the age of fifteen. Her current name is an alias and she changed her appearance.

    When she was accepted into Tristein Academy, she focused on studying; reading books in order learn about more information about anything and everything. She buried her troubles under studying, using it as an escape. However, in the practicals, she was still the worst in the class, no matter how much she studied. However, her written grades were so good that she still was able to go up with her year.

    Personality: Miharu is very withdrawn; almost to the point of being a mute. She almost always has a blank face on, and she usually speaks in a monotone. She usually seems lifeless, although she is known to be fairly sarcastic at times. However, since she speaks in a monotone, her sarcasm is most likely taken to be true. She never lets anyone know when she is in pain; even if it could kill her if she doesn't. However, it is not because she is prideful; it is because she had been taught all her life to never complain about anything. She does have rather strong opinions though.

    Sometimes, however, she snaps, usually by herself, and lets all of the emotions that she had repressed out. This usually happens once a month, although once she lasted a year before snapping. A few hours after "snapping", she is extremely exhausted. The next day, however, she would be back to her old self.

    Miharu doesn't care about her familiar being a "commoner"; she believes that such degrading terms are wrong after spending three years on the streets. She could really care less on what her familiar could be.

    Magic school:

    Miharu has dark blue hair, almost black, that reaches up to her shoulder. It is fairly layered, but it is straight. She has no bangs. Her eyes are a light blue, almond shaped, and with double eyelids. She was around 5'7" and weighed about 110 pounds. She doesn't wear any jewelry, nor does she have any tattoos, although she does have several scars, mostly her mum.

    When she is not wearing her uniform, she is most likely wearing something blue, black, white, or a mixture of the three.

    Amount of time spent RPing:
    ...It's like a "as much as possible". It really depends on how much homework I have. I do check up on it every morning, so I guess it is a "medium". I have good days, and I have bad days. xD

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