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    Originally Posted by MeltyShard378 View Post
    Could be, though Doll was all "I don't need Ichigo's powers...!"
    I'm sticking with Tsundere >.>
    Originally Posted by Pikapal642 View Post


    Here is Rukia, top panel:

    So Tsukishima can overload a person's memory until their brain ceases to function? Overpowered, much?

    Riruka may stay after the arc, as a good guy. Probably due to the fans love of her. XD

    So, will this change the actual fullbrings of the fullbringers? Like will they have extra powers, or are they just enhanced?
    I wonder why I didn't notice her o.o

    This is the guy that can turn you against your friends in one cut. I don't think NOW was the best time to call OP :p

    Riruka and Yukio are the most likely, I think.

    Well, Ichigo's powers were, I think, enhanced speed and strength, no? I think it would make sense that if you take someone's powers, you can also do what they can do.

    Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
    Next up, new Battle Data Charts!
    These are a bit different, 8 categories instead of 6.
    Offense: 70, Because I'm not particularly offensive - if you look at my zanpakutou, I don't have any actual attacks, it's all abilities.

    Defense: 70, For the same reasons as Offense. I'm the kind of person who, if given the choice, would rather stay back and analyse everything, and only go in when I feel confident that I don't have to do a whole lot.

    Mobility: 80, Because my zanpakutou allows time to move slightly slower for me, I appear to move slightly faster even though I have only affected myself slightly.

    Kidou: 100, I mainly use Kidou in my fights, both bakudo and hadou equally, as they are my way of both out-right attacking, and at helping restrict my opponents so I can cut them.

    Reiatsu: 80, I am around average for this, as I do not have much reiatsu. While it is important for both Kidou and my zanpakutou, it is not something that I excel at.

    Intellect: 100. This goes without saying, I am the Captain of the 12th Squad.

    Physical Strength: 60. I am not physically very strong, having a very small build, and preferring to use my brain to my muscles.

    Stamina: 80. I am average at this, as I can fight for quite a while, but not more than a few hours at a time.

    Total: 640. The same as if you were perfectly average (captain standard) in every stat.
    Originally Posted by Merciless Cremator View Post
    What I'm talking about is the sharing Ichigo's fulllbringer power plotholepoint.

    Way One: Think of Fullbring Ichigo's powers as 10000 EXp. Ginjou's sword swipe was Exp. all. Granting everyone an equal chunk of power/experience, with Ginjou being slightly ahead.

    This method means that if their powers + a fraction of Ichigo's power, can fight captains on equal footing, then I call bull.

    Way Two: The stat boost way. Fullbring Ichigo is now Ichigo with...a 6 level boosts to all his stats. Ginjou's swipe is a group version of Psych up, granting them all the SAME boost along their own powers.
    Well, I would rather the latter happen, because then it's less of a stretch for them to rival Captains that way. But don't forget, they can also use their own incredibly dangerous abilities.

    Originally Posted by MeltyShard378 View Post
    Wait... Why'd I call her Doll?? *facepalm* I think I'm mixing characters' names now... >___< (There's a girl named Doll in 1/2 Prince) And maybe because her powers involve a dollhouse.
    Ahaha, I actually didn't think much of it. I think "doll" can be used to describe an attractive girl/woman, no?
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