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I'm so upset, I recorded part 10 too, but I closed out of the software I use to record without thinking, and it wasn't done processing the audio and video and now it's GONE. And my progress is SAVED. So I will type out pretty much all I saw and I did during episode 10. I HOPE YOU GUYS READ MY WORDS, YOU BETTER, PART 10 HAD SOME IMPORTANT STUFF IN IT.

I'm just kidding, it was actually rather pointless.

I talked to this two hamsters I ran into at the end, and they were like "omg u hawt" and I was like "/ignores" and asked if they saw Barrette. They told me to go talk to Broski. Again. Which I did.

Broski was surfin on the sand, and I was like "yo where's Barrette" and he was like "that way bro" so I went that way, and Spat was there and Barrette was there and suddenly Barrette is in the ocean on a stolen piece of fence excuse for a raft.

She started screaming so I was like "omg shut up" and went to go find some help. I ASKED BROSKI FIRST BECAUSE THAT IS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE. Broski can't swim and he has never even surfed a day in his life. It's ok Broski, you're still my numbah one. I went to go ask the pink and green weird hamsters, who turned out to be lifeguards!!

Lifeguard hamsters can't swim. Useless. Asked soccer coach hamster for help. Can't swim. Asked dumb "u hawt" hamsters for help. Useless. Asked that one super model hamster for help. I'm never gracing her with my presence again.

BAAAAASICALLY, I need a hamster that can swim. And that's where I ended part 10 when I didn't delete it on accident :D To be continued someday omg...
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