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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
I'm sticking with Tsundere >.>

I wonder why I didn't notice her o.o

This is the guy that can turn you against your friends in one cut. I don't think NOW was the best time to call OP :p

Riruka and Yukio are the most likely, I think.

Well, Ichigo's powers were, I think, enhanced speed and strength, no? I think it would make sense that if you take someone's powers, you can also do what they can do.

Well, I would rather the latter happen, because then it's less of a stretch for them to rival Captains that way. But don't forget, they can also use their own incredibly dangerous abilities.

Ahaha, I actually didn't think much of it. I think "doll" can be used to describe an attractive girl/woman, no?
True. Well, MORE overpowered. That better? XP

I really hope Yukio can be a good guy, I like him. Personally, if they all could I'd be happy, but I know that shouldn't be feasible. Wait, this is Kubo we're talking about, so actually, it is feasible. XD

Originally Posted by MeltyShard378 View Post
Wait... Why'd I call her Doll?? *facepalm* I think I'm mixing characters' names now... >___< (There's a girl named Doll in 1/2 Prince) And maybe because her powers involve a dollhouse.

XD I figured that was just your nickname for her. XD

New Chart!

  • Offense: 70 :: I start out pretty low, but my Zanpakuto ability increases it, by a lot. I figured I would rank this as base offense.
  • Defense: 70 :: Defense really isn't my thing. It's good enough, but nothing special.
  • Mobility: 100 :: Gotta be agile to dance properly. :D
  • Kido: 70 :: Kido can be devastating with my ability, but it is pretty difficult to do properly.
  • Spiritual Power: 70 :: Nothing to see here, move along.
  • Intellect: 80 :: Only reason this is pretty high is the whole strategy of my zanpakuto comes from switching on and off of the beat of the song.
  • Physical Strength: 70 :: Mediocre. ^^
  • Stamina: 100 :: Gotta keep dancing! :D

I don't know why my list isn't in Palatino Linotype, but oh well. >__<