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    Originally Posted by GAOlivier View Post
    Wow those updated heroes sure are nice. Can't wait for the gym video :)
    ... buh-.



    Holy scheisse, those are amazing. The girl is so cute. <3 And except for the skirt maybe, there's nothing particularly stereotypical about her.
    Thanks, I really do appreciate it!

    Here are some gym screens for now, still planning on releasing a game-play video this weekend.

    Sullenstone Gym is home to the gym leader Mirage, a dark Pokemon specialist. Not much is now in terms of the history of Mirage, his past before the downfall of the Lost World is completely unknown. Abandoning his real name, he takes on the persona of "Mirage" to stand as the gym leader of Sullenstone City. He is often seen exploring the deep innards of Sullenstone Ruins, in order to gain a greater understanding of the events that have befallen the Lost World.

    The mechanics for the first gym are fairly straightforward and simple (being the first gym, simplicity is expected). The hero will make their way through multiple platforms that lead up to the gym leader. On each platform there is a switch that will reveal a pathway to the next platform. Of course, in order to reach the switch for each platform, a trainer stands in the way.