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I assure you that you're allowed to write as long posts as you like. And if you feel like only writing a small post with not much happening now and then, it's fine. Like, if you don't have much time or energy but want to show that you're still in the game, you can write a shorter post as a promise to make a more eventful one later ;)

Yeah, in this first chapter the only thing that happens is pretty much that you get your pokétop and pokémon ^^ but just for style's sake, I'll treat it as an update in the IC thread. I want to write my own first post as well!! I might have time in the afternoon today, or tomorrow :x I go to school and I have a long lunch meeting and tonight there's a fine banquet I'm going too and afterwards it's party all night long~ and all that time I'm gonna think about what's gonna happen in my first post xD -damaged by PokéCommunity-
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