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Hey! I'm Alexial, and I would love to join this club and show my support! :3

I'm bisexual, currently in a heterosexual relationship, which I am very happy with. I guess, I'm posting here to ask for advice too (and change the topic apparently ;o; sorry about that), because I've recently had problems with my sexual identity. I apologize if this question has been asked before, I looked to make sure, but there's never any harm in saying sorry in advanced xD;

So, Bisexuals - Would you "change" your sexual orientation according to your relationship if there were a guarantee that it will last?

Other Sexual Identities - What about you? Hypothetically, if you were Bisexual and in a Straight/Otherwise relationship, would you tell people that you were bisexual despite that?

Let me just say, I have always identified as Bisexual. But now that my current relationship is getting serious, I'm beginning to question whether or not it would benefit anyone to tell them (my partner already knows). I will always be me, and I'm a very big advocate of being honest to myself. And it is something that I will always know, like about myself, and be comfortable with. But, if I know for a fact that someone will disapprove, and by all appearances I'm "straight", should I bother telling them in the first place?

I also want to say, I think this is an amazing club and you're doing a wonderful thing here. I've especially enjoyed how there has been a big emphasis on education and awareness, which is fundamental to the cause at its essence. I'm proud to be a part of something like this, and I'm glad everyone has made it such a safe and inviting environment. No matter what anyone says, you should all be very proud of what you're doing.