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    Originally Posted by gvgisdi View Post
    Nice map, looks natural and all. I feel that it has a little too much of tall grass though. Also, I found one tile error there:

    I think it's the first indoor map posted in this thread. Looks good.

    And now my map:

    Map name: No name yet.
    Base ROM: Ruby
    Comments: It's my first map ever. It's a starter town located on some small peninsula connected to a larger landmass. I hope it doesn't look tragic.

    I'm loving the concept on this map, but the mapping could be better.
    [opinion]The tiles, me no leiky. The map would look much better with gen5 tiles.[/opinion]
    The water is a bit empty, add sum stuffz to it.

    MY MAP
    name: Suna Cove
    game: U knowz
    Credits: Darkblack thread.