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Originally Posted by Kolio View Post
Hi Retribution, your artwork looks amazing!

I especially like TADITTLE, MAGMUG, and the little snowman

But there are some things that I whould edit:

1. The evolution of SLIGON looks a little weard, since the belly doesn't look round at all.

2. Also the closeup of your gymleader, (which I like better now by the way) has a
strange left arm. Because the upper arm is to short, it looks kind of cut off.

I dont want to sound like I know it better, because I don't, its just my opinion.
Again most of the other stuff looks amazing the rest "just" great.
I agree with you on both points, and I'll get that VS Sprite right if it kills me. XD I'll get to both of them soon, and thanks for the advice and compliments. It means a lot.

Did someone say update? ... No? Oh, well, I'm gonna anyway.

Majoras Mask pixel art and my current avatar. I shall tweak it at some point as it's a bit jagged at the moment.

I updated the Master Sword pixel art for my signature, and because it was a tad blank.

The latest FakeDex. Sadly, there aren't any new ones, but quite a few are revamped.

More revamps!!! :D I'm revamping the monster sprites.

EDIT: I hope I've fixed both problems.

Norina's new VS Sprite:
Hopefully a fixed Slygon evolution:
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