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Okay, so I'm typing this up for the THIRD time now.. I've either had an unexpected reboot, an accidental browser freeze, or I shut doing the computer without posting. So, I shan't do it this time!


First and foremost, Ironed Heart has two composers for the game! They are SuperiorLarxene and lala19357! Go check 'em out if you haven't already done so! SuperiorLarxene will be the composer for the city/town/route/character themes while lala19357 will be composing the battle themes!

Larxy has already composed a wonderful theme! It's for the main city of the Azelon region, Jager City! Lala is currently working on Flaire's Battle theme~
Special Note: Jager City, once you have defeated either Gym Leaders there, will be the end of the demo I plan on releasing soon!

Update II

A very, very big thanks to Luka S.J. who scripted Ironed Heart a brand new menu interface!
Here it is:

I'm going to start learning how to script, because, I'm tired of asking/bothering people to do it for me..
Update II.A

Yes, the maps are now being revamped to look... more natural yet retain their Pokémon feel!

Update II.B

Yup, the starter sprites are being recolored to match their official art and meet the changes I have made to them. A big thanks to Hourglasshero, who after MANY times said they were too dark, so, I changed them.

Update II.C

The FakéDex is almost somewhat complete! While we are still lacking some sprites for them, Fakémon themselves are confirmed. Yes, I am still seeking some suggestions, but, for now, I think I'll be statisfied! There will be a grand total of 150 Fakémon you can catch, train, and trade! Plus, all of the other 649 Pokémon to catch as well! Those who require trading will now be able to evolve via certain methods..

Well, that's all for now!
I'll come back with some more screenies tomorrow~
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