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Originally Posted by jdthebud View Post
Ummm. my sign up got missed somehow...

Name: Jdthebud
Game: Crystal
Number of Pokemon: 4
Restrictions: fully evolved please
Ah sorry! that was probably on me sense the other few posts after you were busy >.<

In somewhat related news, am I the only one who didn't realize they took nidoran out of route 22 after gen 1? Nothing the magic of emulators can't take care of though.

I suppose it's better than forgetting that Jigglypuff doesn't learn any attack moves until level 9 and deciding to hack in a level 5 one as your first pokemon, then release your bulbasaur without looking at her skills... which I definitely did NOT do... I'm being purely hypothetical here...

Also- I'll start putting up screens once I get around to increasing dat post count so I can link.