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Alrighty, time for update Numero Uno.

-I hacked in Corsola as my starter, as it is a water type.
-Did all the boring beginning stuff
-Went through Petalburg Woods and onto Rustboro City
-Went straight to Roxanne with Corsola at level 15
-OHKO'ed Geodude with Bubble
-Nosepass wasn't as easy, thanks to Roxanne's Potions
-Got my badge and replaced wild Tailow's with Koffing's on Route 116
-Caught a level 6 Koffing and saved Peecko
-Moved over to Dewford and delivered a letter, recieving the EXP Share
-Fought Brawly with Koffing at level 18 and Corsola at level 20, lost
-Fought him again, lost
-Tried one more time, thinking it was only luck, and lost.
-Skipped over gym number 2 and went to Slateport
-Saved Capt. Stern
-Fought May, winning on the second try.
-Moved up to Mauville
-Replaced the wild Roselia's with wild Solrock's
-Caught a level 14 Solrock on Route 117


Also Psyanic, you get
Ninetails, Ludicolo, Altaria, Nidoking