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Phew. Having a nasty cold sucks. Anyway. It would appear we're starting the next day people. c: Class will be postponed due to a field trip. There will be an announcement on the school intercom as well as to any phones any of the trainers have at some point. (Unless they went out of their way to hide their number)


Say hello to your new teachers!
Maylene is teaching Fighting Type specialization and Martial Arts for trainers.
Pryce is teaching Ice-Type specialization
Sabrina is teaching Psychic-Type specialization and will train people to bring out their psychic powers
Winona is teaching Flying-Type specialization
Clay is teaching Ground/Rock-Type specialization, business, and advanced mining/fossils
Juan is teaching Water-Type specialization as well as becoming the second Pokemon Coordination teacher.

In addition, Drayden who formerly only taught dragon specialization now also teaches world history.


Y'all so quiet! @u@
Anyway. Hunter Zero has edited one of his posts that previously involved a rocket in the school. Just throwing that out there so everyone is aware.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~