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I played the demo version 2.3. Here are my thoughts on it!

There are many many things that could be improved about this hack so far. However, I think it has an original, unique story. It was interesting how you switched the characters around in the school, and I like battling the teacher instead of the rival. Also, the new tiles everywhere was a breath of fresh air.

Here's what I think needs to change/be improved:
  • There are too many places where the text is too long, so it glitches the textbox.
  • The level of difficulty is much too high!! I struggled going north through the grass because the wild Pokemon were simply too high-leveled. Same goes for the Gyms and their trainers. I mean, a level 17 Lapras in the first Gym is borderline impossible without save-stating. The Pokemon on routes is also unbalanced. I can catch a Muk, Gloom, and Ditto before I even get 2 badges.
  • The Mart in the first town sells HM01 for $0 (why?). Also, it sells Pokedexes and Town Maps which is just strange, especially since you receive these items earlier in the game.
  • The area where you get the Secret Key was very easy, and extremely small.
  • There is a lot of unchanged text with NPC's which is a major turn-off.

Good luck with this hack! Have fun with it
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