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Originally Posted by Charicific View Post
hey guys, plz answer me. I am Playing PkMn Platinum, All I am asking is simple...Is it me or the trainers were leveled up? They seem a bit stronger, my PkMns come to faint, while they never did in PkMn Diamond. I know, I didn't put an effort in training in Platinum as I did in Diamond but C'mon not that bad...
I felt that Platinum trainers also had a bit smarter AI or leastways it felt their Pokemon had a better movepool to work with. Gym laders also have improved rosters. I don't think levels differ much though with normal trainers if at all, bar in obvious cases (e.g. the fact you take on the ghost-type gym far earlier in Platinum than in DPPt and how that may affect other trainers around there too as a result). Mind you even a little bit of grinding can make a fair bit of difference in cases.
Originally Posted by funrush View Post
Is there any scale as to which the friendship app for the Poketch works? If so, what is it? (Ex. __ happiness level = 1 small heart).
I do not recall the scale but I do know that 2 full hearts means they're at max happiness, and two hearts means you can evolve them if they require happiness to do so.