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    Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
    ^Oh, really? Animal cruelty? It's just a game.

    I think unhappiness could be interesting.
    Pokemon is too cutesy as it is.

    An oddish evolving into a bellossom when it's happy and a vileplume when it's unhappy is totally concevible.
    Except that's not really how they evolve; they already have methods of evolution for those pokémon. And remember that pokémon are basically intelligent pets. Dogs are known to turn on their owners or just run away when they're unhappy. But because it's in a game, it means that it's okay to treat them badly for a long-term goal? I'm not doing the "OH, Save the Pokémon!" crap. I just think it's genuinely ridiculous.
    Originally Posted by thepsynergist View Post
    Thanks for agreeing with me Darkdoom. I want people to understand, its a feature of my game. I don't go into other peoples games and criticize how certain features of their games shouldn't be in it.

    It is a game that I am making because I want to, and I'm not forcing anyone to play it. Besides, it was a way to get the move Frustration to be more powerful.

    The only reason I chose unhappiness as an evolution factor, is because no one else has tried that yet (at least at the time I started this project). It was something new and interesting, and in no way, hinders the player from not being able to complete the game. There's no special reward for getting every pokemon in the pokedex. It's just a new way to obtain certain pokemon.
    No, you don't do that. Maybe you should. It helps people to realise, "Oh, wow, I need to fix this." Or, "That needs some tweaking."

    Why do you game developers always fall back on, "I'm not forcing anyone to play it"? Who cares who you're forcing and who you're not? I'm trying to put across the point that purposely making an animal unhappy is stupid if you want it to stay with you.
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