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Originally Posted by HackDeoxys View Post
I really like this map, especially the multiple types of trees and the other tiles and palettes. It looks cool, although I'm not sure about playability. However, you did state that it's not intended to be playable, so I'll forget about that.
Not much bad to say about this, except, would a house in the middle of nowhere have a paved road? Not likely, but overall, it's a great map.

My Map
Name: Route 66
Game: Pokemon Emerald Version
Comments: A map I was making for no real reason. It's probably my biggest map, and
one of my best. It starts at the paved road and ends at the cave.
Wow, that's a huge map, and it looks really nice! The only two things that I don't like are:
the one tile path in the upper right of the map (near the signpost), and the tiny island at the bottom left, it just seems pointless. But well, other than that it looks great!

Name: Ominous Cavern
Game: FR
Comments: I'm horrible at cave maps. ;( this is the first floor of Ominous Cavern, a Cave inhabited by ghost types. Ignore the tile errors, I'll fix them later.