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    Originally Posted by thepsynergist View Post
    Well, I don't appreciate being told to take a main feature out of my game.

    And who are you to call me, "you game developer" as if you aren't one yourself. I've been working on this project for 3 years, and I don't need people like you trolling my game thread.
    I didn't tell you to take it out of your game, and I hardly think it's important enough to warrant being a "main" feature, either.

    And I can refer to you as being part of the collective "you game developers" because you used the excuse that you're not forcing anyone to play it. I may be developing a game, but I'm not one of those game developers who thinks that's a relevant excuse.

    I mean, why are you even posting here if you don't want people trolling discussing and critiquing your game? Do you just want your ego stroked? Are you seeking validation? If you don't want people to critique it, then don't post here. Do the work, and when it's done, release it.

    Also, I think that my critique can be held to a higher dignity than "trolling". If I was trolling you, well, I think it would actually RESEMBLE trolling.
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