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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    I felt that Platinum trainers also had a bit smarter AI or leastways it felt their Pokemon had a better movepool to work with. Gym laders also have improved rosters. I don't think levels differ much though with normal trainers if at all, bar in obvious cases (e.g. the fact you take on the ghost-type gym far earlier in Platinum than in DPPt and how that may affect other trainers around there too as a result). Mind you even a little bit of grinding can make a fair bit of difference in cases.
    I do not recall the scale but I do know that 2 full hearts means they're at max happiness, and two hearts means you can evolve them if they require happiness to do so.
    Okay, thanks. I was asking because, in Platinum, I'm trying to evolve my Budew into Roselia. It's Level 17 so it can't learn any more moves until it evolves.
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