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    Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
    I guess they are intelligent pets.

    thepsynergist, you should also take out battling, because we know it's just animal fighting. But because it's in a game, it means that it's okay to treat them badly for prize moneyl? I'm not doing the "OH, Save the Pokémon!" crap. I just think it's genuinely ridiculous.

    Catching has to go too. Slaves with bad cases of stockholm syndrome.

    One of the greatest things about fangames is being able to push boundaries that nintendo themselves won't push.
    First, I find it bothersome that when someone's idea is challenged, they seem incapable of discussing it civilly without turning into a smart ass.
    The article I linked brings up a lot of points there. Pokémon gain happiness from battling. That shows that they clearly LIKE battling. Hell, a lot of intelligent creatures, humans amongst those, take pride in violent proficiency.

    And yes, fangames should be pushing boundaries, but those boundaries should make sense. If you're pushing boundaries that way, then you should be able to expect that pokémon will get pissed off at you and run away/fight you.
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