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    Originally Posted by Poueff View Post
    Doesn't he give you the HM the moment you beat Norman? =/
    It automatically takes you to his house on Emerald, but Ruby and Sapphire you'll have to go to the house yourself.

    Originally Posted by Poueff View Post
    I have a "small" problem here. Unfortunally, Shadow Ball is a one-time TM (as in only one in the game, no chance to buy it on GC) on Pokémon Emerald.

    So, I'm currently on Mossdeep (just beat Team Magma and Aqua's hideouts) and I have a level 38 Crobat and a level 38 Mightyena. And only one shadow ball (which is the problem).

    Something that I "learned" about Crobat and Mightyena (being two of my favourite Pokémons) is that their movepool isn't that good (to the point of I having Tackle on the two of them just a couple levels back) and that Shadow Ball can make a huge part of their moveset.

    Their current moveset is:

    Air Cutter (yea... two flying moves)
    Confuse Ray

    Take Down
    Sand-attack (yup)

    So, I know Mightyena learns Crunch a bit later, but unless the TM for Sludge Bomb or Sludge or just any other Poison move in the game (other than the level-up Poison Fang) shows up (if so, where?) I really don't know who to give Shadow Ball to.
    Unfortunally, I can't trade any of them to FR so I can buy the TM at the Game Corner, because it's an emulator. But with only having one Shadow Ball, who do you think would be best to give it too?
    I think you should give it to Mightyena, it already has bad moves, Crobat has two types of moves, while Mightyena has dark and normal which isn't super effective against anything, take down also gives recoil damage, swagger isn't necessary in my opinion. Sludge bomb is in Dewford town (In the house where they talk about hip words) North of the Pokemon Centre, talk to the guy in white with glasses near the entry.