Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    Originally Posted by JJames19119 View Post
    I have no idea if ANYTHING you said is true or not. All I know is that if I change the hexidecimal bytes in the (U) ROM of Fire Red to match those of the (J) ROM at the appropriate places then it works. I don't know why it works; I just know it works because I tested it before. I never actually experimented with any other changes because I'm no ASM hacker.

    If you believe in such things, then why not demonstrate it? Pitch in, help us, this isn't one person trying to do something for their own personal gains, I want this to be a community effort that all of the community in whole can benefit from. I've said this multiple, multiple times, but the perfection of the patch can only be achieved with an experienced ASM hacker and I am not one of them, so any help is greatly appreciated not just by me, but anyone who uses this patch to make their hack better.
    Please don't think I was trying to suggest you were having a go at me, because I wasn't. I was genuinely impressed with the effort you put into the patch, even if you didn't truly understand why you were changing stuff.

    As far as I can tell, however, most of the patch is entirely unnecessary.
    I was actually asking for people to back up my theory, as if I was right, then it only takes a simple small routine, rather than a large patch.

    The Physical/Special split has existed since Generation 1, has it not? (It wasn't based on an attack by attack basis of course, but used the type to determine it). My theory is that the code needed for the actual mechanics of it has always existed in the ROM, but that the split was done "wrong", so I simply modified that one check rather than all of the mechanics.

    I haven't released it yet because I'm still testing it along with the rest of the 649 Patch (Moves, abilities and everything else too). Once I'm sure it's bug free, I'll release it, but not before.
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