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The woman had loosely aimed her arrow at a girl who was being held by a boy dressed in a black trenchcoat, she had an upset look on her face.

The woman felt a tear of shame fade into her eye as she frew back her bow, she released her arrow and the chaos infused obsidian arrow launched itself at the girl.


Josh barely had any time to react his hand began to sting suddenly and he felt instinct take over he grabbed Kenna and dropped her to the ground. A black arrow zipped right past them and broke off the ground and Josh heard the smash of a window as a woman with a black cloak landed upon the ground. She didn't say a word she simply redrew her bow and aimed it straight at Josh he rolled out of the way taking Kenna with him, they stood up and Josh drew his dagger.

The headmaster cried some kind of incantation as a barage of spells was launched from his staff.

They simply bounced off the woman and were sent flying back at the headmaster.

"void magic...." He murmured as his own spells knocked him to the floor.

The woman took no notice and simply drew back her bow once more.

Josh charged her before she could fire. Students were panicking and running away as he ran towards the woman. Terrified teachers helped them out. Josh couldn't see what Kenna was doing.

Josh struck out at the woman but his dagger barely got near her before the same force that had repelled the headmasters magic had launched him back. He somehow managed to land on his feet. Josh saw Kenna behind him. The woman aimed an arrow at her and Josh suddenly felt a severe pain in his hand as his ruins began to glow... suddenly his knowledge of fighting increased and he felt a strange energy flowing through. Just as the arrow was fired Josh slice it in two before it hit its mark. The woman looked at him in surprise but smiled when she saw his hands markings.

"So you are Gandalfr also?" She said.

Josh looked at her with confused eyes.


The woman glanced at him with a less impressed smirk.

"No matter... now die" She aimed an arrow... but it wasn't aimed at Josh it was aimed at another student who was running away.

It hit its mark and the student fell to the floor in pain. He moaned and groaned but he wasn't dead when Josh turned around the woman was gone.

Joshs attention was turned back to the boy. He was screaming now and just as a teacher approached him a strange heart shaped redish-black light appeared below the boy... and then it happened.

It was so incredibly disturbing that it was hard to explain.

The boys fingernails grew large and cut his own hands that had began to bubble their flesh as the grew larger and turned black, almost like a shadow, his feet took on a similar role, bursting from his shoes as his back began to arch and his spine protruded as spikes all of which were turning the same shade of black. After the blackness covered his body his face eyes burned a chaotic red and were the only part of his body you didn't have to squint at to examine the detail.

The boy... now more beast charged at Josh with all its might throwing him to the side and beginning to attack anyone in sight, luckily most of the students had already been evacuated.

Josh stood himself up and watched as the beast attacked everything and everyone.


The woman had returned to the chamber of the void clock to find her master still watching it with obsession.

"Master... the task has been done but I had slight difficulty doing so... the humans they summoned... they are..."

"Gandalfr." The man finished the sentence for her.

"I know that... I knew that from the moment they appeared. Gandalfr or not they have absolutely no idea what powers they have. I have nothing to fear from them."

"But sir... its not their skills you should fear..." The woman said.

The mans ears perked, he was interested now.

"Oh then what is it I have to fear from them?"

The woman gulped.

"One of them fought me in defense of his master... He was able to make an annoyance of himself using his familiar instinct alone. I fear that when they recieve some training the whole of them may be too much for me... maybe even for you..."

The man sneered.

"Do you doubt the power of the void child..."

The woman reeled back in denial.

"No, No! Of course not I simply worry for my masters safety... I do not wish him to be hurt..."

The man smiled.

"My dear, dear Adriel. There is no need for your concern." He took the womans face in his hand and she shied away, fearing that he may hurt her.

"The plan so far has gone according to plan."

He kissd the womans neck as she pulled away more.

"The Chaos heart is pleased with our progress and plans to reward us for our loyalty." The man released the woman who had a look af dismay and disgust upon her face.

"Now all we must do is continue at this pace and we will live like Gods..." The man said his voice heavy with anticipation.

"Yes my Master..." The woman replied shamefully.
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