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    "You don't need to apologize... there was no way for you to know. Honestly, it was either fate or my luck that made me be picked; be it good or bad," Kiroku whispered as they entered the Hall. There was no way around it. He wasn't going back any time soon. No family, no old life, and no friends from before. On the other hand, the list of people that he cared about, or he thought would care that he's gone, came short. They probably didn't even want to declare him missing; just dead and long gone. A sort of hatred brewed inside of him. In truth, he was all alone back on Earth, and people only helped to build the bars between him and everyone else. They didn't care; they wanted his life to be a living Hell. It made them feel better about their pathetic lives. How he hated every last one of them. Sure he was gone now, and may never return, but they'd find someone else. Pity and empathy on the poor individual who was next.

    Gritting his teeth, the boy was shaking violently behind his mage. He used a great deal of his willpower just to restrain himself and keep it to himself. It was the first time that he ever really thought about life back on Earth, and it filled him with a confusing blend of rage and sorrow. If he didn't have to keep his appearance in public, and if the two were alone in Miharu's room, he might've tried to hit a wall with all his might and break down. Everything he had to bottle up wanted to surface all at once. This was the first time he was free to think about it; the bittersweet fact about all of this was that it made no difference what he thought about Earth now. He could've had the biggest case of homesickness or the loudest cheer for leaving and it would have no point. Not even when we won, and he didn't have to suffer his own world anymore, the Earth had it's last laugh by making every conflict void of any closure. As far as the boy was concerned, it was as good as letting them off the hook. Knowing all this made it felt like Kiroku's heart was being ripped apart on the inside. There was nothing that the brand could do to possibly hurt him more; the only worse punishment would be finding the way back to Earth and being forced to return to everything. He prayed where he stood, hoping that it was impossible, at least for him, to ever return to Earth. "---- that; I don't ever want to go back..." Kiroku whispered as soft as he could, his words trembling on his breaking point, "I want to stay here..."

    Kiroku stood quietly as he heard the headmaster speak. Death had occurred recently? There was no way to tell who this girl was, but the boy lowered his head with respect all the same. At least now if Miharu had heard him his hair could shield his eyes. They weren't welling up with tears, which would probably seem amazing if anyone saw his inner workings at this moment, but they felt close. It wouldn't be proper to cry for himself here, so he kept them back. Besides, Miharu didn't need to know. She seemed nice, and probably had her own problems to deal with. He couldn't bother her with his own woes. Am I just looking to cry? Man am I pathetic... the boy thought as he relaxed himself and calmed his thoughts.

    But then the woman jumped into the fray and started to cause havoc. Not only did she knock the headmaster off his feet, but she also started to pick out another target among the frenzy of people. She aimed and fired her bow. Kiroku paused as he felt the wind brush against him as the arrow flew by. Too close, but the same could be said for the boy who got struck. Turning around to see, the boy had a some-what front row seat to the boy suddenly changing. It was so horrid-- so grotesque, too. The other boy was now a monster, and threw one of the boys ("Another person from Earth-- just like me!") and began rampaging. Instinctively, Kiroku swung an arm behind him and forced Miharu close. She'd be safe if she remained behind him now, but after the initial force the boy made sure that she could break free from his hold if she decided against it. "What do we do, Miharu...? Fight or flight?" Kiroku asked, not taking any chances with the beast as it stormed the Hall.

    Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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