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Tobias looks at Kita in surprise as she sits by him. Hardly anyone called him "Toby" anymore. Only his mother and brother ever used that name. And hers was Kita...

His thoughts were interrupted by the letter, which annoys and worries him at the same time. Annoyed at having to go to a boring meeting, worried about the specific summons from the Headmaster.

Kita looks on in shock. "That happen often?"

Toby shakes his head, rising. "No. It's a big deal when it does. Let's go. Stick close to me."


Toby only half pays attention to the Headmaster's speech, but when the students around him react, he decides he should go with the crowd. He tries to look surprised, but ends up looking like he just snapped awake. The Headmaster yells for silence, and Toby goes back to his neutral expression. When he makes the comment about familiars protecting the students, he looks up at Kita, almost grinning. I'll have to protect her, more like. Poor clueless kitten...

Suddenly, chaos strikes as a boy throws a girl to the ground. A sound f breaking glass is heard, and the Headmaster fires off several spells, only for them to be reflected back at him. Toby looks around for the source of the confusion, and students flee in terror. In the vacancy left behind, he sees a monstrous beast charging a boy. Toby briefly notes the remains of a uniform on the beast, and the lack of one on the boy.

Toby concentrates on his magic, visualising the wind, trying to wrangle it to his will. He focuses on a breeze, and puts as much of his magic into it as possible. He throws as much pure wind as he can at the black beast, hoping to have some effect.

((Generally when Toby uses wind magic, he loses control and ends up with uncontrollable gusts of wind. Here, that's what he's going for.))
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