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    Josh was still groggy from the previous blow and he felt memories of the past flash through his mind.

    He remembered his family the most... he had grown so distant from them yet... he knew he would miss them....

    A sudden stinging he felt in his hand woke him up he turned just in time to see the malformed student toss Kenna across the room. There was a couple of students still in the room as well as some of the other ones not wearing uniform.

    Josh realised that his pain was a warning system, it went off when he disobeyed an order and... when Kenna was in trouble. He turned his head just in time to see the creature toss her across the room she looked hurt...

    Josh didn't stand a chance against this thing and every fiber of his being was shouting "Run! Run and hide" All except for one part of his head that was telling her to save her... to make sure she was safe. He knew it was his familiar contract. He chose to listen to it anyway. It was there but he didn't have to listen to it, this was his choice.

    Josh saw a weapons showcase cabinet at the back of the hall. It housed various weapons of non-magical quality for display. Without thinking Josh smashed the cabinet and took the nearet wepon he could reach. A gunblade... A sword with a top that flipped back to reveal a single gunbarrel. Josh grabbed it aswell as a case of ammo that was also on display.

    Josh ran towards Kenna, the beast had the same idea but Josh had gotten a head start. He slid in front of Kenna just as the beast reached her and held his new weapon up in defense. The beast collided with him and Josh was barely able to stand his ground.

    The beast was about twice the size of a cow and it pushed with a superhuman ammount of strength that was easily pushing Josh back. But Josh wasn't trying to keep it away. No Josh was simply turning it. While he did his best to hold it steady he began to sidestep to the right turning the beast around and using its rage to make it not notice. He managed to turn it away from Kenna before his Rusty old gunblade snapped and he was sent flying back.

    Josh thought he was done for when a wild gust of wind came and pushed the best to the side knocking it over, Josh turned to the mage who had launched it and nodded. Josh picked up the sanpped remains of the gunblade, it still had its barrel and trigger. Josh quickly loaded a shell and fired it towards the overturned beast. It had a thick his=de but the bullet had wounded. The beast stood up with a small ammount of blood dripping from its wound.

    The battle was far from over.

    The beast charged at Josh who gingerly sidestepped and watched as it plowed into the wall.

    He didn't think for the beast anymore he simply rushed to Kennas side.

    "Are you ok?" He asked.

    Before she could answer the beast was charging at them again. Josh was totally off guard. He couldn't stop it at this rate. He simply closed his eyes and awaited what could have been the killing blow.
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