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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Hmm... Thanks, these changes are very helpful, although isn't Grass Knot unreliable as it's based on weight? I love the craftiness used for Sandshrew, I'll definitely use moves like those. Slight problem with finding all these TMs though - and where do you find black sludge? Thanks again.
Thing with Grass Knot is, there are a lot of Hikers in DPPt, and all or most of them use heavy Rock types like Geodude and Graveller, so Grass Knot is fairly useful.

Wild Croagunk sometimes are found holding Black Sludge.

Since you find Earthquake fairly late in the game, Dig can work as s subsitute until you get it. In-game trainers rarely use Earthquake against you, so Dig is a workable option.

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